is a collection of top Asian companies found in Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, and Japan. The regionís economy is rapidly growing and new businesses are emerging daily in order to accommodate the high demand for consumer products. The businesses and economies represented in this site were chosen on the basis of several factors, such as recognition for achievement, and the amount of media attention garnered.

Companies have extensive political, economic, and social sway over their countries as well as the entire Asian region and are found within this collection. Such companies include, Cathay Pacific Airways and PCCW both in Hong Kong, Acer in Taiwan, Tata Steel in India, and Softbank Corp. in Japan

Economic development in Asia is moving at an exciting and rapid pace. To keep up with the changing environment, knowing about the major players and their strategies are of high importance. Within, you will find a useful collection of data that will place several of the top Asian companies in one site for instant information.